Workout that burn more calories and low-impact



Do you want to keep your body tender while workout and burn more calories? whether there are two full-its beauty ? yes, the key to it is keep your workout impact low and less stress on your joints.

Below workouts are the Low-Impact That Burn Calories

1. Cycling

Calories burned: 350 at a low speed for about 30 minutes

Tips: at first, get a right bike avoid uncomfortable when riding and protect your knee from injury. you can register a bicycle association if you like group workout and a little competition. you may need invest a Bike Shoes   to prevent the next day uncomfortable and Cycling Short to get the most out of it.  the good designed shoes can set your feet in the right position. this workout can burn you calories but with low speeds.

2. walking

Calories burned: 150 at for about 30 minutes

Tips: studies have shown that walking is the workout that every muscles of the body are involved in. If you’re new to exercise, start with an low speed 5 minutes walking and add about 10% more every week.

3. Swimming

Calories burned: 315 at a slow speed for about 30 minutes

Tips: if your joint not so good or have arthritis issue, you can still do this workout still. Start at about 30 minutes and take a slow speed. Just play a game to go swimming. Breaststroke in one direction ,then crawl back. When swimming, you even do some weight-bearing exercises. This will bum lots of calories but low-impact.

4. Skating

Calories burned: 457 in-line skating for about 30 minutes

Tips: have gear on your feet and start skating on the flat ground such as playground. Don’t play on the sidewalk , because there are cracks usually. Strides and crouch down to keep your body balance and close to the ground as you can. Once you have skilled this action, you can go up and down a hill for several minutes. If you do it for one hour or so, not only improve your metabolism but also bum lots of calories.

5. Play Elliptical machine

Calories burned: 295 at a moderate pace for about 30 minutes

Tips: Elliptical machine is a equipment that easy way to do exercises for most of people, it is easy to use and no-impact exercise. If there is a Elliptical machine that make you engage more muscle in, it could bum more fat

6. Climb stairs

Calories burned: 358 at a slow speed for about 30 minutes

Tips: if you spend several minutes warming up on the versaclimber in the gym, (a towering machine that require you to move your arms and legs simultaneously). You’ll find it is great machine to bum calories and improve your heart health. When you feel somewhat tire , come down from the machine .