top 5 nutrients that elderly women should add to their diets.



As women grow older and when their 40s, their bodies have changed a lot. this may be caused by the arrival of menopause. most of them believe that, as their age grow, the risk of heart problem and stroke may increase significantly. and as the menopause coming, the hormone in their bodies changes a lot. in addition to the hormone level changing, the levels of essential nutrients in their body are start to drop down, which will increase the chance of disease.

Here are the top 5 nutrients that aging women should add to their diets.

folic acid

As the age grow, The content of folic acid in women bodies will be less and less.If women lack of folic acid, may result in some health problem , such as high blood pressure, weight loss and heart disease. so stick to take in some folic acid everyday is important. we recommend you take in 500 micrograms of folic acid daily. of course, some foods are rich in these micronutrient, such as nuts , green leafy vegetables and olive oil. if you want to supplement folic acid quickly, you can get nature made folic acid, this is Recommended as part of woman’s daily regimen for health, mood, and prenatal care, and contains 100% RDA of folic acid per serving tablet.

 Omega 3 fatty acids

Studies have shown that omega 3 fatty acids can increase the good cholesterol and drop down the bad cholesterol in blood, and improve the heart health. for those over 40s women, omega 3 fatty acids is very important for their health, it can reduce the risk of heart disease. flax seeds and spices are rich in omega 3 fatty acids.

Vitamin B12

If over 40s old women lack of vitamin B12, their body may increase the chance to suffer from some disorders, such as poor memory, fatigue and anemia etc. so get about 3 micrograms of vitamin B12 everyday is need. and some foods such as milk, fish and eggs are rich in it .

Vitamin D

As women step in their 40s, their body may undergo some disease that caused by lack of Vitamin D, some researches have shown that if women at this age are deprived of vitamin D, are more likely to suffer brittle bones and osteoporosis. so you can get out to exposure to sun as more as possible to get vitamin D, also , you can eat foods that contain much more vitamin D, such as fish, cod liver oil and mushrooms.


Some women find that when they hit menopause, their ability to build bones is weaken, and drink a glass of milk daily is not suffice, this is why so much advertisements about women energy drinks. so at this age, you should take in about 500 milligram of calcium everyday. some foods are great sources of calcium such as tofu, milk, broccoli etc.