The Sunbeam Doughnut Maker-Delicious and quick


The yellow, Sunbeam doughnut maker is a fun shaped mini doughnut maker which makes fresh donuts. The mini donut maker is time saving and efficient; it can make close to five circular shaped donuts in record time. It is cleaned effortlessly, and is a preferred choice for many.

Sunbeam FPSBDML920 Donut Maker, Yellow


The doughnut maker contains indicator lights that show when donuts are ready, or when the doughnut maker is on. This assists the person baking the donuts in the proper timing and it also will reveal when the doughnut maker is faulty.

The surface of the doughnut maker is not sticky, which ensures that food is released effortlessly. This is very useful since one can easily wipe the surface and be able to make multiple donuts continuously.

The Sunbeam doughnut maker measures around 10-4/5 by 8 by 3-4/5 inches, and has a latching and hinged lid which holds the doughnut maker and keeps it closed while making donuts. The lid also allows for upright storage which saves space in the mini donut maker.

The sunbeam mini donut maker is shaped like an oversized doughnut. In addition to the rounded lid, the doughnut maker has a center cutout, printed sprinkles and creates close to five doughnuts in minutes. By using a doughnut maker, one avoids fats and messes caused by deep fryers or oil pots.

The surface of the doughnut maker, which does not stick, ensures that once the baked donuts are released, they can easily be removed. It is also easy to use, as one just needs to power the doughnut maker and wait for a while for it to warm up. When it is ready, indicators for “warm up” and “bake ready” light up.

After the Sunbeam mini doughnut maker is ready, one should fill the doughnut shaped molds with batter, secure the lids, and then cautiously remove the desserts to a rack for cooling after the baking process.

One can then top the donut with powdered sugar and frosting or sprinkles, drizzles of chocolate, or any other preferred topping. The sunbeam mini doughnut maker also contains some set of instructions to guide experienced bakers and budding ones on the baking process.