The Strider PREbike Kids Balance Bike user experience


The PREbike kids balance bike is a bike that kids use to learn how to balance and ride. It teaches them how to balance and coordinate the bike’s movements so as to build their confidence before moving onto a pedal bike. They are designed for kids between the ages of one to five years, and have a warranty for one year. However, from balance bike user experience carried out, kids between the ages of five and ten also use the bikes.


This kids balance bike has no pedals. This ensures that kids are not distracted by the pedals, thus enabling them to concentrate on learning how to balance a bike. This is the most important aspect in bike riding, and it also takes more time and practice to learn.

From balance bike user experience, the kids balance bike was found to be light and easy to control. This allows kids to use it without risk of injury, mostly because of the weight of the bike. The kids can also lift the bike on their own owing to its light weight.

It can also accommodate kids of various sizes as it has an adjustable seat and handles. This means that a kid can use the same bike during different growth stages, thereby, saving on expenses. The tires of the kids balance bike are puncture proof, and they are, therefore, suited for all surfaces. The bikes also have launch pad footrests to enable the kids to learn advanced riding skills.

The strider kids balance bike is steady and safe for kids’ use because it has a low height. This allows kids to instinctively step on the ground at the first feeling of instability. The lack of peddles also means that kids cannot suffer from instability as they attempt peddling.


From balance bike user experience, the strider kids balance bike was found to be environment friendly. This is because its paint is certified below the limits of heavy metal content, like lead, by CPSIA. The kids balance bikes are also durable, as they are made from welded steel frames, which are quite strong and often a better option than the wooden balance bikes.