The good diet habits for your skin



We often believe that bad skin is caused by Hormone hypersecretion when we were young, but some adults still suffer from it. in fact, some skin problems such as Eczema and dry skin stay with us all the time. using lotions and take medicine only keep them away temporarily. most of time, our skin problems are due to diet habits. develop a good and healthy diet habit may help your skin more clearer and smooth skin in a long term.

Some studies have shown that eat potato chips and fried foods may increase the risk of acne. also, a diet with high glycemic(such as white bread and cakes) and refined sugar , have more chance to suffer from acne. so ,if your foods are rich in sugar such as dairy, may not good for your pores,  some researches have showed that over-iodized salt make your skin look puffy. keep in mind to check the label of packaged foods for sodium content. but if we eat plain and organic foods can make a difference.

By changing their diet habits and avoid eating unhealthy foods, some people find their skin become better and better. But There is no one magic food can change everyone’s skin. You should take some time to trial and error, in the end , find a food to suit your skin. But not all food’s effect show on your skin in short time, so you need take a period of time to figure out which food annoying your skin. Then remove it from your food list. Usually it take about 5 weeks , you’ll see different on you skin.

In addition to removing the “bad” food, take in some vitamins is also important to your skin health. One study have revealed that people who suffer acne usually lack of zinc and vitamin A and E. carrots and dark leafs greens are rich in vitamin A, and olive and sunflower seeds are great sources of vitamin E, spinach and oyster are contain much zinc.

Some skin problems such as eczema and rashes are caused by inflammation, change your diet from processed food to essential fatty acids is a effect way to make your skin clear. Wild salmon, organic coconut oil and sea vegetables can find these healthy fats.

Sun exposure could hurt your outer layer of skin, because it can form a harmful substance called free radicals. So contain antioxidant foods is very important for your skin health. Which can prevent your skin from damaging. Blackberries and blueberries are high level of antioxidant protect your skin. So it is wisely to choose these food as your daily diet.

but on the flip side of the coin, hormones play an important role in the skin health, so in addition to clear skin diet, it is need to take some activities to reduce stress on the skin. such as yoga, deep breathing and regular workout can relieve the pressure on every day. which in turn reduce the risk of eczema and acne.

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