startup delayer make your computer startup faster

Some people find that after they startup computer , the system may take long time to load. why this happened? because most of window operate loading priorities feature have no program when startup .

So. startup delayer born. it can delay auto start of program, this can avoid some programs start at the same time, and make your computer start faster.


under normal startup are all program listed, but can be disabled or moved to delayed. just drag the program to delayed and they will start when system meet the requirement. and the delayed programs are displayed in order.  if you want to edit, just double-click the individual program , and properties are opened. then you can see information about the selected program , like as delay wait and advanced tabs.

under the delay tab, there are two ways to set , the automatic delay and manual delay. the automatic delay is 90% disk idle and 90% CPU idle by default.  under manual delay , there are list as hours, minutes and seconds.

for example , if you want to startup a program after PC start 10 minutes later,  you just set 10 minutes in manual delay.

If you want to change the program priority or want to run specific day or week, you can use the advanced feature.

There are 2 features add to the free version. one is in this program you can access the running tasks and system services. the other is you can find out if all of your startup program is running in the system .

If you have a lot of programs autorun after computer start. And if your computer is not so fast, then you will benefit the most from startup delayer.

the free version of startup delayer can give you convenience at improving your computer boot, but there is somewhat limit, if you want to use the full feature, then you can buy the premium version by paying no more than $20.with the premium version, you will available for backup and restore feature, this feature is very helpful, thus, you will not need to set startup delayer again and can import data after you reinstall your system.