A new exercise that running to lose weight

running to lose weight

If you want to lose weight or keep fit, running is one of the simplest of all workout ways  you can do. and also, it is the most natural and effective exercise you can do.  when you running, your whole body including heart ,lung, muscles and bones are all work out. running can make your more flexible, more healthy and more strong. everyone who can running regularly will give him a fit body and big shape outside and stamina inside. beside of these benefit, running can also improve your cardiovascular health. it can make your blood flow quickly in vessel. carry away waste products your body produce.

running to lose weight

running to lose weight

When you running , your whole body including shoulders, legs and all core muscles are all work out. But it is regrettable that most people don’t see the benefits and importance of running. running regularly not only drop the risk of suffering some disease such as heart disease but also can boost the blood flow to clean the deposited fat.

A new one running manner

Running is a simple workout way, it don’t need any tools or equipment but your will. but In bad weather, you can’t running outside. then you can use The 100-Up Running Exercise. which is developed by G. Walter George, that is a runner to run lifting their knees in place as high as possible and repeat 100 times. that is mean, it keep the running motion but not running actually.

running to lose weight

This exercise can improve your running style and endurance. and help you to develop a great running skills. but like other workout, this 100-Up Running Exercise also need time and insist to show the results. with regular exercise will make your running skill wonderful.

100-Up Running Exercise contains minor part and major part. these two parts are most similar, but still have some difference. if you want to benefit from it, you must do both of them instead of skip one. first perform the minor part, then do the major part.

The first part

Minor part is the first part. standing the width is about your shoulder, take the running posture and your arms get up. then raise you left knee up to the waist height then back to the floor, turn your right knee up to the waist height just like you are running. do the same action for about 100 times. you’ll feel that you are in the running state.

The second part

Major part is the second part. the major part is the same as minor part but the movement is more quickly. just keep the running stance with higher speed. raise your knees alternative to the waist height, and your arms swing.  just like you are running. do the same action for about 100 times.

At each part do 100 times can help to improve your running skill. make sure do the movement properly, otherwise you’ll perform a wrong way. if you can’t do 100 times at first time,  start at about 30 reps. bear in mind, before you do this exercise,  you must warm up your body thoroughly.