One book you must read about nutrition



The China Study is a book that making major breakthrough about human nutrition, this book is talked about and read much more recently. This book is launched by a partnership of Chinese Academy of preventative medicine, Oxford University and Cornell University. In this book, the researches recommend the best diet for your long term body health.

This book has 417 pages and with a great mount of stats about nutrition, it may take people much more time to absorb the content in it. So we read it from prelude to the end and take notes.

The main line of this book is pick up lots of common sense about health, for example , meat may not so good for our health than your doctor tell us.

Below are 7 aspects you need to know in The China Study:

1. The research results are tenable. After years study include 65 counties ., 366 variables and 6400 adults , researchers found how the nutrition play the role in human’s health. They find that there are over 8000 associations between diet habits and disease.

2. American health call for concern and apprehension. Some studies have shown that almost one out of fourteen people suffer from diabetes, and over 30 percent of adults are obese. About 25 percent of American strike down by heart disease. And the country pay more and more for health care.

3. Eat plants is more healthier. The researchers in this project revealed that those people who eat plants usually are more healthier than those people who eat the most animal-based foods. They are not only good for heart disease, autoimmune disease, but help protect you from diabetes, obesity, and kidney and so on.

4. Heart disease can be remedy by taking in nutrition. A physician have treated 20 patients with heart disease with plant-based diet, he found that it can stop the progress of this disease. And most of these patient’s clogged arteries are more healthier than before. A doctor of Harvard medical school have done a similar research, get the same result.

5. plant-based foods are better. In fact, no matter fiber, protein or minerals, the nutrients in plants are better than in animal-based foods. And are better for our body health.

6. You don’t need to segment your diet for specific health aim. In our opinion, we eat foods for specific aim, for example, the tomato are rich in Vitamin C, broccoli is good for breast health, and carrots can make your eyes more bright. In fact, we don’t need to segment for specific health benefits. Nutrition is truly benefit your whole body. And good for one chronic disease.

7. Be friendly to Carbs. Some proceeded and refined foods are contain carbohydrates, which is not good for your health. But plant-based foods are full of carbs. A certain diet may weight loss in short time, but in the long-term may have dangerous side effect for your health.

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