Is the Vitamix 5200s blender worth $480?



To most of people, the price tag of a blender that over $400 is incredible.  but the Vitamix 5200s seems to transcend the other blender brand thoroughly with its strong engine and cooking capability. A New York City nutritionist says, the Vitamixs are the rocket-fueled and super-turbo charged blenders. just like iphone owners praise for their telephone, Vitamix owners from chefs to housewife are discuss their kitchen gadget reverence mood. and like the iphone, the price tag of Vitamix is sounds bonkers.

The Vitamix 5200s was launched in 2007 by the blender company, and why it cost 7 times more than other ordinary blenders?

It is very easy to use, just tap the switch , then it can blends up anything. And if you want to drink something smooth, you can add nuts in it. If you get a Vitamix 5200s blender at home, you don’t need go to juice bars to drink breakfast chocolate shakes, you can do it yourself.

“it plows through everything-I love it. I use it for bean hummus, soups and vegetable sauces with putting over fish”. Says Jeanette Bronee, the director of path for life, integrative nutritionist. He agree that the Vitamix 5200s is worth the price.

Here are 6 reasons why the Vitamix 5200s is better than other blenders that dozens of pieces of money.

1.    It is made by reinforced material. The construction is very solid, from base to carafe. Even you can blend solids such as ice. But it is very light, just only 10 pounds.

2.    It is equipped with strong motor system. 2-horsepower motor, 1380-watt. You can grind nuts into butter, make smooth juice from vegetable and fruits.

3.    It is overall structure. All in one piece. Including the blades, so you don’t need to assembly and disassembly to clean.

4.    You can use Vitamix 5200s to cook soup. Because the blades of it spin so fast that the friction they create can cook vegetable and fish soup.

5.    The after-sales service is perfect. The owners of Vitamix 5200s say,The company supply good customer service and a 7-year-quality-warranty. You don’t worry about anything for this item.

6.   You Get Started DVD and Recipe Book (With classic Vitamix recipes) Your Vitamix 5200s blender helps you with every meal, Breakfast to Dinner, appetizers to desserts, do your kitchen jobs easier, faster, and with better results. Get ready to explore new levels of flavor, nutrition.

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