Is laughter the same as meditation?



As the development of our society, we may have much more stress and even have no time to take a deep breathe. Then at least see a laughing video like as “goats yelling like humans”

A recently research have revealed that laugh frequently can improve your mental and relax you. “happy laughter can generate a same brain wave which is usually found in the state that in meditation” said a group leader of researcher of the study and associate professor of pathology. These researchers measured the brain wave of over 30 students when they watching funny videos. In the process , they found gamma wave, which produced in the state of meditation. They also found more alpha wave. When these students watching funny videos. Which similar to those experienced people who have a rest.

The gamma wave is a frequency that can affect all parts of your brain. When you are laughing, your entire brain engaging, in this state, your brain will be more clear, and concentrate on what’s happening.

Researchers also found a interesting phenomenon, that the more you laugh, the more you’ll get this feeling. it’s just like the regular workout and reprograms your body overtime. through usually laughter, you can improve the brain’s response to this experience.

in the past, several studies have shown that laughter acts a role of antidepressant, which can drop the risk of body’s inflammatory and less chance for suffer from heart disease.

so for health, we need have good diet habits , and regular exercise, and so on. but one important thing can not forget, that is laughter more.