How to play games make you smarter?



People believe that do mental exercises can keep their mind running faster. A New England Journal of Medicine study shown that people who usually do mental exercise are 60 percent less likely to suffer from dementia than those who do such exercise rarely. The same way, a research from Michigan University revealed that people who play mentally challenging games frequently can obviously boost their memory.

The games and activities are designed according to this principle. They were designed as a brain improve program called the Brainpower Game Plan by an professor. Who found his Memory Enhancement Program.

By playing these kind of games and do certain exercises can improve your mind power up to 70 percent.

Read the color


Read out the color above quickly, not the word, but the color of the word, which can exercise your ability to stay focus. Read again to see if you can improve.

Use your nondominant hand

Studies have shown that use your nondominant hand to perform your daily thing can build new connection between your brain cells. If you’re a left-handed person. Try to use your right hand to deal with your daily tasks, like as brush your teeth, carry small things, even write with your other hand.

Speak in seven words

First, write a story in short, then speak out in only 7 words. Which can challenge your verbal ability. If you exercise this usually, you’ll get a byproducts. That is improve your twitter skill. Because twitter need you tell story in short sentence.

Find out


Concentrate your attention on this picture for one minute, then leave out your sight, and write down the items from the picture as many as you can. 5 minutes later, try once again , before you do this, take a deep breath and focus on the picture, can your write down more items than the first time?

Count forward and backward

There is a brain exercise that can improve your mind. Try below brain workout in subtraction and addition.

Beginning at 250, count backward, and subtracting 7 each time (250,243,236,229)

Beginning at 200, count forward , and addition 9 each time (209 ,218,227,236)

Beginning at 150,count backward, and subtracting 3 each time (150,147,144,141)

Take note

Develop a habit of taking note wherever or whenever you get or think a information. Like as receive from a friend or your boss. Or when you relax, you generate idea in your mind. And you’d better write it down as soon as possible, because it can be fleeting. Taking note is also a good habit in your job. For example, you can ready several sheet of blank paper in a project folder. And when you discuss during meeting, you can take note all information about it.

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