How to make yourself look younger

How to make yourself look younger

People are aging, but everyone want to look younger, At least the same as before. whatever their age is 25 or 65. as we aging,  our skin tend to be saggy and lose the beautiful glow. don’t worry, below are some tips that tell you how to make yourself look younger whatever your age is. we all know, our skin is more healthier, your look is more younger.

Here are the guides to make yourself look younger no matter what your age is.

Add olive oil to your salad

How to make yourself look younger

Some people eat salad not adding anything. but if you want to keep your skin health, you should add oil in it. mix salad with some olive oil and vinegar, will make it not only tasty but also healthy. because this recipe pack with vitamin C , vitamin E and  antioxidants. which can help fight the free radical damage your skin. and keep you looking younger.

Intake more vitamin C

How to make yourself look younger

Vitamin C is very important for our body. it can boost produce more collagen in our skin. and keep your skin looking young. so you should add vitamin C to your diet plan. for example , eating more fruits such as oranges and grapefruits. add tomatoes slices into salad.

Increase protein intake

Studies have shown that protein play a important role in our skin appearance and collagen production/ It is a vital nutrient source of our diet. Intake lean meat such as fish, lean pork meat and chicken breast, and low fat food such as bean and egg all are important source of protein.

Use bronzer

As aging, some skin spots such as sunspots and age spots appear on our face, this make some people annoy. Any way can deal with it? Of course, just use bronzer. Because bronzer not only mask these spots but also can make your skin looks glow. You can use it on your face and neck.

How to make yourself look younger

Use makeup correctly

Sometimes improper makeup emphasize your fine lines, makes you look older. In order to look younger, make sure you use the makeup in right way. Apply right colors on your face and lips to show more nature look.

Care for your hands

How to make yourself look younger

Many people make hard to care for their face daily, but usually ignore their hands. Not necessary to use special hand creams , just use your facial products will be ok. And make sure use the sunscreen under the sun. this is a important way to keep your hands looks younger. To prevent your hand exposure to the sun, and keep your hand moisture.

Stop using powder

If you want to look younger, don’t use powder. because the powder is so small that may block the pores and cause many skin problems. and may creeps into your small wrinkles. you can use other alternatives instead of using powder.

As long as you pay more attention to your daily care of your skin, it’s possible to look younger. if you have your own secret tips to look younger, please share it with us.