How to make Vitamin C serum at home

make Vitamin C serum at home

Make Vitamin C serum at home, is alternatives to make your skin more healthy. To get it’s optimum effect, you should use vitamin C serum after clean face, then apply moisturizer . if the order is wrong, for example, use moisturizer first, then it may prevent vitamin C from being absorbed by skin. use it right the to maximize the effect of anti-aging of it. below is tell you how to make Vitamin C serum at home.

Benefits of vitamin C serum

To those who want to choose vitamin C serum as their beauty way, there are some benefits can get:

  • Vitamin C can help produce more collagen, which is a kind of important material to keep your skin elastic.
  • Vitamin C can prevent the damage from ultraviolet rays. it can protect your skin if you expose to the sun for long hours.
  • Can make our skin more youthful and healthy. since it can produce more collagen, can prevent wrinkles on our face.
  • it contains antioxidant, which can prevent free radicals damage to our body. Free radicals are the culprit of aging.

How to make Vitamin C serum at home

Ingredients of Vitamin C serum

To make Vitamin C serum at home, there is a most important material that is water. and it must be distilled water. because it can mixture with Vitamin C more easily and can hold oxygen longer.

Then you need to buy vitamin C crystals. there are many kinds of on the market. just choose one and bear in mind, it must contain ascorbic acid crystals.

Buy oils. which can carry vitamin C to the tissues  and can be absorbed by skin. this oil can be break out easily by warmth of our body. without blocking the pores.

You should add essential oil that good for skin into the serum, and mix with aroma such as lavender oil. make it friendly to your skin. both of them add into serum can make it fragrances and improve your skin health, make your face more smoother and brighter.

How to make Vitamin C serum at home

How to make Vitamin C serum at home

First, prepare 4 teaspoons distilled water, then add 1 teaspoons vitamin C crystals into the distilled water, stirring them carefully make it dissolve thorough . at this process, you can add vitamin C crystal gradually into the distilled water, make sure start with slight concentrate such as 10 percent , if it don’t have adverse reaction, then gradually add to 20%. be patient to this, because it may take about 30 minutes.

Then gradually blend in 4 teaspoons almond oil and 1/2 teaspoon vitamin E oil, make sure stirring them at each step.

After all of them blend together, put it into a small bottle. bear in mind, you’d better store it in refrigerator to keep cool to prevent vitamin C breaking down. and don’t make too much each time, just for about 3 weeks, because almond oil will go bad if expose to air for too long time.

Tips: don’t use too much vitamin C crystal in the serum, if add too much it, then add distilled water to dilute, otherwise it can be cause some skin issues.

Of course, you can try different oils to suit your need and keep your skin tone, some people may like mild scent but other prefer no scent. just add what you like.