How to improve your focus



All of us have problems to some extent with our concentrate. because as life in this age, the flow of information come from all sides to us. which is easily make us distract. here are some tips to help you improve your focus skills:

Primary objective

Sometimes when you have objective in your life. you should have primary reason that need to concentrate, make it to be fantastic, such as a ultimate goal of your life. this goal that you will always can see it. the goal is as big as possible that you will always have motivation to do it.

Understanding the cause

Before to deal with the problem, we should understanding the cause at first. there are some possible reasons that we should ask to ourselves that may affect our focus:

  • Lack of sleep
  • Unhealthy eating habits
  • Varieties of stress
  • Alcohol abuse factors

Bear in mind, always to do the most important job at your energy or motivate peak .this will save your most of time and get the most effect.

Pay attention to your environment

You may find that, when your mind wandering, your mind also might be another place, but when you pay attention to those things around you, your mind be snapped back into reality. so you need to observe the details carefully everyday. for example , you can observe the color of a pencil, or the shape of the leaves on the tree. this will bring you back into the reality and improve your concentrate.

Avoid potential distractions. for those important things, you should learn to eliminate all distractions. close your emails and turn off your phone, stop chatting and so on, you should get them after you finish those important tasks.

Avoid interrupting by other people

Everyday we may distractions by other people like as our friends, family and colleagues. if you want to do some tasks, you may learn how to isolate yourself from them. if you contact to other people too much at work, you can develop a habit that don’t participating in the socializing until you finish your job.

Know what you are going to do clearly

When we don’t know what things to do, we usually do other things that easier and not important. make it clear and you will find it much easier to do.

Use 80/20 principle

You need to always use the 80/20 principle to your work, listed your tasks as to the order of importance. that is , on your g0al list, there are two parts. one part is the top 20%, which are the most important goals, the other part 80% are not priority. always concentrate on those 20% tasks meaning you always do those 20% important things.

Task division theory

When you do a task that complicated and large amount of thing to do. then you need to use task division theory to break down tasks into small pieces. then complete one by one. when you finish one, you cross off it , which is motivate you more and give you a sense of accomplishment.


Tell yourself , the more you train, the better it will become, every little step, is a progress.

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