How to eat to nourish your brain



Do you believe that your diet can make you more clever? Of course I think. Some studies have shown that the food you eat is very important for your brain power. In addition to j the right food you cat can make you leave away some disease, such as dementia. Because your diet with nutrients along with daily brain games can make your brain cells more healthy. Your learn ability and memory will benefit from the health food what you eat.

Here are some food that can make you smarter.

Eat fish

Some seafood such as sardines and salmon are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Which is powerful nutrients that are goof for our mind. Studies found that in our brain cell membranes, there are about 35 percent of fatty acids are DHA, researches believe that it’s important for brain cells to transmit signals. And researches found that if people eat fish 3 times in a week, the risk of suffer from dementia can cut down 40%.

Eat nuts and seeds

In a study , researchers have found that people who eat nuts and seeds frequently and the risk of Alzheimer’s disease lowered by 65%. The contributor is Vitamin E. because nuts and seeds are fill with vitamin E. so to keep the normal level, you’d better take in 20mg of Vitamin E everyday.

Leafy green vegetable

Some leafy green vegetable such as kale, broccoli and cabbage are packed with vitamin C and carotenoids , which are important for brain health. And these vegetable contain antioxidants, which can prevent the damage from the waste products your body makes. Free radicals is one of the waste products. Which uses lots of energy. Because your body makes toxic waste products all the time, antioxidants can help defuse them effectively. In fact, all of the vegetable are good for your brain, these leafy green vegetable are better. The more vegetable you eat, the healthier your brain get. A study team of Harvard Medical School research more than 10 thousand and found that their brain age lowered about 2 years.


If you go out to Thailand or India, you’ll see there people often use curry. Studies on animal found that the ingredient of curry can eliminate the Alzheimer’s-causing proteins in the brain. So in daily diet, you can add it in sauces, salad and meat marinades.


which filled with flavonoids, another antioxidants that can keep brain health. Other food such as purple grapes, onions and apples also contain flavonoids. So we need to add these food in our daily diet. And they are good for your blood pressure.


Researches have shown that berries are rich in antioxidant. And protect your brain from damage. Although the reason can not understand fully by scientists. They all think that it may help create some healthy connection between brains cells. So you can add it to yogurt in your breakfast.