How to be good to yourself when you are stressed


There are a great amount of stressed people today, they are usually confusing by the selfish of other people , and self-compassion. Which is hurt not only to themselves, but also to their family and friends.

Everyone of us need to be treated with kindness. And at first. we must treat with ourselves kindly. If not, then we can’t take care of others, including our family and children.

Here are 6 ways to practice and treat you self-compassion with ease.

Take some time and patient with yourself

If you don’t have a rest for a long time, you need to stop temporary and take 10 minutes break, consider it is a applaud yourself for doing it. Maybe it takes time to change this habits, but ft makes you ease thorough.

Have a 20 minutes rest

When a person say a terrible thing, it’s best to give him or her 20 minutes to calm down, it is ignored to most people that they usually say awful things to themselves. So at this time you feel stressed, to read a good book, go out to walk or drink a cup of tea. relax yourself as much as possible.

Contact with other people and share to them

A research on self-compassion shown that self-compassion is a sense of humanity, we need to know that we are not alone to struggle, and other people also must to face to variety of difficulties. Find a friend and open to him .tell about your undergoing. You’ll ease after that Relax yourself

Make a weekly plan, and do something you like.

It is not hard at all. in tact, as simple as go shopping. If you love to do this, you’ll have smile on your face every time, and throw away stressed behind you.

Give yourself leisure time

A research have revealed that most people have 25 hours every week. But it counted the short interval between activities. In fact, most people don’t have leisure in this time, because it is so short that only to think of what to do next on their plan list. So , we need a bigger chunk of time once a week to have leisure or play whatever you love. For example, you can go to park, or sit at a silent place to read a book., don’t feel guilty or don’t have time to do this. Just notice this feel and do it anyway. If you can recognize that feel cause you much pain in your life. then you don’t want it run your life any more.

Take care of yourself, guilt free

It’s very important to change your mind to think differently and create a new thinking mode. Change your subconscious mind from selfish to deserve it.

Exercise self-compassion is worth doing. And develop a routine in your life to take care of yourself , even find inner peace .So next time, when you lie down at bedtime with you children, tell him stories, and tell yourself “guilt free, I am take care of me”