How to avoid the worst food before you go to bed

What are you eat before you go to bed when you feel hungry? Some people think that it is healthy and go for the wrong food. But usually they are difficult to fall asleep. But don’t know what the reason is. Whether you believe it or not, what you eat before going to bed is definitely affect the quality of sleep. So ,if you feel hungry at the bedtime, you should choice the healthy food and avoid overeating. And you should control the fat intake under 250 calories. And avoid eat food that contain caffeine. Below are the worst food to avoid eating before you go to the bed.

Peanut butter

It will make you gain weight if you usually eat peanut butter before the bedtime. Some people believe that peanut butter can lose your weight. But studies have shown that peanut butter can make you gain weight. So if you want to eat something before go to bed, don’t eat peanut butter, I suggest you drink a cup of skim milk. Which is contain calcium, can help calm your nerves, and make you sleep better, don’t add sugar in it. You can sweeten your milk by adding stevia. If you want to eat peanut butter anyway, feel free to do , but bear in mind, don’t eat too much or regularly.


It’s a bad thing that eat meat before sleep. Because meat especial red meat contains lots of fat and protein. They are take much time to digest. And obviously affect your sleep quality. In addition to, red meat can also increase the risk of some disease such as high blood pressure and diabetes. So it’s better to avoid eating red meat before bedtime. And I think eat a hard boiled egg is good alternative.


Chocolate doesn’t packed with sugar and fat, but it contains caffeine. Which will make you stay awake at night. Also , it contains other stimulants such as theobromine. Which is not so good for your heart health. So some studies suggested that chocolate is one of the worst food to eat before going to bed. But you can enjoy it during the day.


I suggest you don’t store sweets in your house. Such as cookies and cakes. Unless you can leave them away. You definitely eat them at night. Because you tired and stressed during the day. You want to eat something to boost you energy, at this situation, most of people searching what something to eat. Instead of going to sleep. So if you don’t want to gain weight quickly. You’d better go to sleep. Or if you super want to eat something, just choose healthy food like as yogurt or whole grain crackers.

Ice cream

To most of people, ice cream is favorite food. And I usually enjoy it also. But I must to say it is not good for consuming before going to bed. And ice cream is filled with fat and sugar. Which is hard to digest. And you tend to have nightmare. The taste is great, but the result is terrible. You can try to drink a cup of skim milk instead of eat ice cream. It may not so delicious but more healthier.