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best app for tracking workouts

Best fitness tracker with heart rate monitor and calorie burn tracker are nearly out date recently . But Athos is developing a  fresh concept into the fitness monitoring area with clothing that can detect  which muscles involved in during your exercise.

Release new products

In early autumn, the firm expects will  Release their first new products.

The firm expects to send its first products in early autumn, and its creators say the program may help those people who need to track their workout by using a new way or can not afford a private coach.

 best fitness tracker with heart rate monitor

The company founder says, this system can make you look inside that you can’t from other ways. for example , if you want to get a strong butt by squatting.  but your body lean to other side too much, your are may building quad instead.

how does this system work

the company experts use the electromyography technology which is in the medical way to monitor the signals that your muscles send out during you workout.  you just put the core operation into your pocket of your pant leg. the sensors built into the communicate with the core, then connect with the tool on your smart phone.

best fitness tracker with heart rate monitor

When you are workout, the app can detect which muscles you are using , and show the information monitoring your heart rate, even can give you the scores that make you know how hard you exercise. if you want , you can track from running to camp, even to cooking.

An employee of Athos shows outfit the app do some movement and can see the muscles showed on the screen, this is very useful. For example, if you find one leg is harder than another one during running, according to the number showed on the screen , you can know if you are in the muscle building time zone or not. So you can choose the zone for what you want to get.

“Of course, everything has two sides. This tool is no exception. If you don’t know how to use it, too much technical information will make you puzzle. And may get opposite effect”. Said a famous sport medicine physician. If you just want to know more knowledge about it, which definitely won’t hurt you, but for those average people, it gives them tons of actionable information.

Bottom line

it is a tool that athletes use in their daily training. While the average gym-goers just want to use in their workout. When are these devices popular to everyone?