7 tips to remedy under-eye circles



Many people are sensitive to under-eye dark circle.People all know that eye creams are marketing gold mine , some of them claim can deal with Dark Circles, but lots of them are have no effect, or contain chemical substances that harmful to our body.

There is a good news, To a certain extent ,one thing can relieve the under-eye dark circle. your cheek is Related to the depth of the eye socket, and these factors make reflect in some ways. some people always have dark circles when they are childhood.

Below are several natural ways to help you erase your under-eye circles:

1. low in processed sugar, high in antioxidants

What you eat is important to your body health, if you eat food rich in sugar, you’ll tend to be inflammation in your body. Including the skin of eye circles. Eat foods that high in antioxidants like dark leafy greens and berries may decrease the chance of suffering these problems.

2. wearing sunglasses

Sun can destroy the collagen in blood vessels, and increase in the risk of blood vessels rupture. And this is the way your eye circles become dark..

3. milk mask

You can find a effect remedy method of dark eye circles in the kitchen .milk compress contains combo of fat and lactic acid, so it is usually used for erase the dark skin of eye circle. Just soak several drops of milk compress and gently daub even, 15 minutes later ,you can wash it away, and you’ll find difference.

4. early to bed

Yes, it is the most effect way to relieve or remedy your dark eye circles. Some studies have revealed that lack of sleep is the main cause of dark eye circles. Go to bed early and keep yourself from the electronics 30 minutes before you go to sleep.

5. have a cup of green tea

Researches have shown that green tea’s polyphenols, particularly ECGC is a antioxidant that can reduce blood vessel dilation and help repair the damage cell. So in the life time, you can squeeze a little green tea in a small bag, and lay down, then have a relax.

6. see a doctor

Allergies is one of the most causes of dark eye circles. A facialist said. Your skin may tend to inflammation when you exposure to allergens, and your eyes are one of the first area to show it. So you an massage your face and eye circles gently, then it will be relieve.

7. keep moist

In fact ,the eye creams is rare effect. You can find a moisturizer with soothing ingredients or natural oil(such as Botanicals Lite Crème Moisturizer) can hydrate your under-eyes.