7 best tips to deal with acne



The skin cover about 3100 square inches of our body, it is the biggest organ of our body. It keeps your body moisture , make you comfortable, and prevent you from infection. Skin is important part of your body, but when it breakout by acne, we usually feel discomfiture and don’t want to go out of home, below are some effective tips when you seeking ways to deal with your acne.

Have enough rest

Studies have found that if you can not sleep at night, then stress hormone increase by 15 percent per hour. The stress hormone can affect your skin structure, and if you are suffering acne, the high stress hormone level can worse it, so researchers suggest people get 8 hours sleep every night to keep your skin health.

Keep your skin clean

One reason of acne is pores are clogged. And the clog things are come from our body, such as sweat , dead skin and so on. Using salt scrub mild to clear these waste products, then keep moisture not only to heal acne but also to keep your skin health, I suggest you clear skin twice every day.

Do exercise

Workout can help you regulate hormone level, improve your immune system, and accelerate metabolism, make more blood flow to the skin. So workout is a great way to heal your acne. Bear in mind, sweat can worse acne, so you should take a shower to wash them away after exercise, and don’t wear clothes with sweat.

Use sunblock

Sunblock can prevent your skin hurt from sun. but some people think that the sunblock contains chemicals and may make the acne worse. They may don’t know that the truth cause of inflammation is the ultraviolet radiation damage. If you worry about the chemicals, you can find the sunblock don’t have comedogenic, so you don’t worry about your pores clogged. At the same time, you shouldn’t choose the sunblock that contain zinc oxide because they tend to clog pores. A good sunblock can definitely protect your skin from acne.

Take in omega-3

Omega-3 acid has been found can drop the chance of suffering inflammation and improve your skin health. It usually found in nuts and fish. You can take supplement of omega-3 or eat foods that contain it such as peanut and fish.

Drink more water

Studies have revealed that if people drink more 2 cup of water everyday, which will greatly increase blood flow to skin. Thus skin can get rid of more waste products and get more nutrients. By removing the waste products, your skin can decrease the risk of inflammation and increase the ability to self-repair. So drink a cup of water after you get up and before go to bed will make a great difference in your skin health.

Less sugar

How much effect our diet on acne? Different people have different viewpoint. But it is clear that more sugar is the major factor of acne. You don’t need to avoid all sugars, but you should eat sugar as less as possible. That mean, you don’t need add sugar in drinks, eat less sweetened products. And you can eat more fruit alternative.

When you suffer from acne, the first step is avoid inflammation. By develop a good diet, good skin care and use anti-acne products, will greatly reduce the risk of acne get worse and cure acne as soon as possible.