6 must-have home exercise equipment



Some people want to do exercise for losing weight and burning fat, but the expensive of gym stop them from continuing. The good news is you can choose the home exercise equipment make your workout play maximize.

Here are 6 must-have home exercise tools to choose:

Stability ball

Stability ball can be used as balance-challenging weight bench. All of your muscles engage in when you lie across the Stability ball for support. Do exercise with this tool, help you tone your body with right posture . and your spine benefit from it make you less back pain. Check out here for a suitable Stability ball for you.


If you want to sculpt your body at home, then one pair of dumbbell is the best choice. if more-chest-press-200you are a beginner for building muscle,get a pair each of 4 pounds or 6 pounds weights will be enough, When your strength strengthen, you can add the weight to 10 pounds or 12 pounds.

Yoga mat

Exercise mat(not only just for yoga) is a home exercise must-have. Of course , yoga mat is better. It give you support when doing floor exercise. And a non-slip mat make you safe when you do yoga, and the rubbery material make you feel soft and comfortable. And when you back home with fatigue body, you can lie over the rolled up mat. Yoga mat have lots of designs and styles , just choose one you like.

Heart rate monitor

If you want to track your exercise, choose a heart rate monitor to monitor your calorie burn and know your fitness progress. not exercise hard enough may less effect or have no result, but workout too hard can easily exhaustion even injury. using a heart rate monitor will help you to learn which exercises are high intensity and allow you to see which workout is focused on when you building muscle. if you want to burn fat, you need to know your max heart rate, then keep a heart rate between 85 percent and 90 percent of it.

Resistance Cords

Resistance Cords play a important role in home workout, it is suit for beginner and advanced exercises. they have different design and resistance level. Based on your ability and the type of exercise to choose one. if you want to build muscle , choose a rubbery one , they are solid durable and easy to carry. You can take resistance bands traveling and exercise your hotel or even office. Resistance cords is an important part of an exercise program. you can use resistance bands to lose weight when you walking.

Exercise DVD

Exercise DVD is a fun way to your home exercise, get a workout DVD if you like the exercises classes. There are all sorts of DVD is suitable for various purposes.  if you want to walk to firm muscles and improve overall health, try Walk It Off in 30 Days  this DVD is about Leslie’s new plan that 30 minutes one day for 30 days to get real results!

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