5 tips to lose weight when you have tried everything



Is your obesity produce excess gut bacteria? maybe, we all known that , in 1950s, given livestock the take in antibiotics , then they get fat rapidly. the younger the livestock are, the effect greater. since worry about the antibiotic resistance , the Food and Drug Administration limit the use of antibiotics for the purpose of gain the livestock’s weight in December 2013.

Some people think that, if giving human antibiotics may also make them gain weight. because in the past, there is a doctor treated young with antibiotics and caused the rapid increase in childhood weight.

an research about obesity revealed that , in the past 20 years, fat people increase 3-fold. and the higher the body mass index, the more obesity increase. in the past 25 years, the body mass index is greater than 30, then the fat people doubled, the body mass index is greater than 40, then the fat people increased 5-fold. we can see from this, in addition to processed foods and slothfulness, there is something play a important role in obesity.

Some researchers think that there are several ways to make you more fat:

  • They change fiber into glucose which be stored.
  • They gain more calories from food.
  • They change the hormones by altering appetite.
  • They limit the enzyme to breaks down fat.

Study have shown that the normal microbiota can make us fat. Fat people have a different microbial composition. We don’t know which strains do what, but we do know that the fat play a main role in the process.

And pathogenic gut bacteria can result in inflammation, and inflammation can produce obesity. In 2012, China researchers have conducted a study and prescribed a diet of whole food, workout program, and take in herbs. After half an year, the weight of a fat man drop from 180kg to 52kg. and remedied his hyperglycemia. And can not detect the bacteria that produced by inflammation. Consider about the relationship between microbiota and fat, why should we continue the high calories diet? Microbiota is play a big part in our obesity.

Here is how to clean it up.

clear up pathogenic microbes. You can use stool tests to identify the yeast and bacteria, or colonic hydrotherapists can identify. click here to know about it.

Use living probiotics to nourish gut. you can use Dr. Ohhira’s probiotics , it is 100% raw fermented food with probiotics.

Change your diet habits. Eat plant-based food as much as possible, and eat less sugar ,less meat, and less gluten. High fat and high carb diet can change your internal environment within one day.

Use antibiotics.if your tonsil pain, just use antibiotics, you’ll cure it quickly. Just like as using Zinc to improve your immune system.

Remedy gastrointestinal weak and strengthen your immunity. You can use slippery elm and marshmallow root to heal the lining of your gut.