5 benefits of lemon water



Water is important for our body health and beauty. And doctors say we need no less than 8 glasses of water everyday. Thus can keep our body hydrated. And not thirst on hot day. Most of us prefer to eat delicious sweets instead of have a cup of water, they think water have no taste at all. In those days I found a good way to drink lots of water and you can enjoy its taste.

Lemon water is the best choice in summer. Lemon juice is great for your health, because it is packed with vitamins and minerals. If you drink pure lemon juice , which is bad for your teeth and stomach, but you can add it into water. Drink a cup of warm lemon water every morning. And you’ll get all benefit from it. Here are some reasons why lemon water is good for your body.

Good for digestion

Lemon water has a great power to improve your digestion. So you should add it into your daily diet list. If you suffer from indigestion sometimes and have symptoms like as heartburn and bloating. You can drink lemon water, and can solve this problem quickly. And if you have trouble of overweight. You can regularly drink the mix of lemon juice, honey and warm water, it can bum calories for you.

Your skin will more clear

Since lemon filled with vitamin C and antioxidants. People drink lemon water usually can get clear skin and reduce blemishes. Lemon juice has another amazing feature that can make scars less visible, even can reduce the wrinkles in the long term. So try to care of your skin with lemon water instead of chemicals.

Enhance your immunity

Another reason that why we should drink lemon water is that it can improve our immune system. Studies have shown that people usually drink lemon water have stronger immunity than those who don’t, and don’t easy to infect. When there is an outbreak of flu virus, people who drink lemon water frequently are more resistant to infections. And easy to remedy. Because lemon packed with vitamin C and other anti-inflammatory properties.

Increase your energy

Because of numerous of vitamins and minerals lemon filled with. And can give you negative charged ions, it can boost your energy. If you want to relax or deal with anxiety after a whole day job, you can drink a cup of lemon water, even the smell of lemon have positive affect on you, can calm you down, and cheer you up.

Make the wound heal up quickly

Notice the fact that lemon contains lots of ascorbic acid, which can help to remedy your wounds. And it is good for bones and other connective tissue. When you hurt, put a little lemon juice on it, and the wound will heal up more quickly than those area do nothing with. And regular intake lemon water can make them stronger. But if you want to gain the benefit from it, you should drink at least a glass of lemon water everyday.

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