4 ways to make healthy diet easy


eat healthy!

Many people always think that, it is impossible to eat healthy 100%.  especially for those who don’t used to eating that way. They think it is an impossible goal to achieve.

But i don’t think so , as long as you constant practice, you certainly can realize this healthy eating goal. in fact ,healthy eating is not so difficult, Once you  achieve this goal, you’ll feel better , more energy and more fitness.

Once you focus on the goal and structure your diet habits. you find healthy eating is very enjoyable and effortless.

Here are 4 tips for making eating health effortless:

1. carry healthy foods with you at all times

I become like a ogre if i can not get food when the meal time.  when i am too hungry , i usually “turn on” my friends. So I often buy and eat some not so healthy  foods such as bagel  and Cheetos Puffs . both are poor for you body health.

Below are some healthy food you can carry with you everywhere.

  • Grapes , apples and tomato such as fresh fruit.
  • Some nuts (almonds is one of the best healthy food in the world)
  • Boiled eggs
  • Protein powder or protein bars (avoid sugary trail mix)

2.Eat high protein food in the morning

Protein helps you keep a strong physique and fuel your muscles. if you have 25 grams protein every morning , you will not feel hungry the whole morning and make you less need sugars and carbohydrates in the afternoon and evening.

In addition to this, protein is hard to break down by your body , so a high protein breakfast can increase your metabolism about up to 25%.

3.Eat processed foods as little as possible

One way to eat healthy is focus on eating the whole foods and instead of  processed food. what are whole foods? they are packed with micronutrients and dietary fiber.not processed or refined , not artificial substances. they don’t in can, box and contain little or no added ingredients.

Eating whole food is mean you choose farm food ,not canned foods,  choose whole grains instead of processed ones. At first , you may not used to it, once you taste it good , you’ll insist on it.

4.Eat vegetable as much as possible

If you are not a vegetarian, you may not to know how to cook them in right way. some people don’t like to eat flavorless veggies , but fresh and in-season veggies such as kale, broccoli may different. they are so good for your body that you certainly choose.

Once you find some vegetable you like to eat, try make them a big part of your meals. and try your best to make them at least 2/3  of your plate. by adding them into salads, or stir fries , you may find that you like to vegetables , and your body will feel good so that you crave them. plus, you are less likely to eat junk food after you eat lots of veggies.

Remember one thing, if you want to keep a regular diet,  keep health diet every once in a while will make you happier and in the long run ,you find it easy to stick with.