4 tips to flatten your belly



It’s harder and harder to stay in shape of your body as you age. Why? The change of hormone make the calories to store fat on your belly. In the past several years, researchers tested 150 fat women ages from 20 to 60, and found that the oldest one have 50 percent more fat than the youngest one.

In fact, bigger belly is evitable, some tummy workout can help you, Pilates program is the perfect training for you, because it can works on all of abdominal muscles. Including 6 packs abdominis, waist-defining obliques and deep transversus abdominis. Do Pilates exercises three times a week, and the most optimistic result is flatten your belly.

Side bend

Sit on your left hip, bent your left leg on the floor, with your left hand hold your body, then your right let step on the floor, your right knee point to the ceiling, put your right hand on right knee. Then pull your abdominals in , lift your hips off the floor. Come up onto the left knee, at the same time, straighten the right leg , stretch your right hand over your head , form a line from your right hand to your right toes. Hold this pose for about 20 seconds. Then repeat this with the other side.

Toe dip

lie on your back, with your thighs bent at 90 degree with your body, and calves parallel to the floor, then put your hands aside of your body, contract your belly, then dip your left toe toward the floor, but don’t touch it. Hold on for about 20 seconds, raise your left leg back to the starting position, then repeat it with another leg.

Leg circle

Lie on your back and raise your left leg, your toe toward to the ceiling, your right leg put on the floor, your hands put aside of your body, hold for about one minute, then rotate your left leg, make your toe circle on the ceiling, at the same time, keep your body still, do 5 circle , then repeat with your other leg.

Kick leg

Lie on your right side, and your legs stretch out, so your body looks like a long line, uphold your body with your right elbow, then put your left hand on the floor to keep your body balance, when you kick out, exhale, and swing your left leg forward, then inhale, point your toes. And swing your leg back, surpass your right one, repeat with other leg.

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